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Savanna Zebra

For Africa

Our Why.

Our mission and vision are rooted in our love for our people and our environment. We believe that by sourcing ingredients from community projects, we can give back to our communities and preserve our natural resources.

We follow the principle of doing trade, not aid because we believe that sustainable economic development can only be achieved by creating responsibility within local society. We are driven by our scientific background and entrepreneurial experience, but it is our love for Africa that fuels our passion for sustainably utilizing the natural plants of the continent.

We are committed to creating value in Africa by producing locally and selling globally. By using our products, you become a part of our mission to support our people and give value to our natural resources, contributing to the preservation of our African natural treasures.

We firmly believe that Africa is more than poverty. It is a vibrant and beautiful continent with an abundance of (botanical) treasures to offer. Our products are the embodiment of our passion and commitment to making the most of what Africa has to offer.

Thank you for considering our products and for being part of our journey to promote ecological sustainability, ethical correctness, and economic development in Africa. Together, we can make a positive impact on our communities and our environment.


Ubuntu encourages individuals to act with compassion and generosity towards others and to view their actions as contributing to the greater good of the community. It promotes a sense of belonging and shared responsibility, with the idea that every person has a role to play in creating a harmonious and just society.

Jar with Balm

Made in Africa

We are not just simply sourcing African ingredients, our products are African. Made in Africa to support local value chains and promote economic growth in the region.

African woman and child

Women Empowerment

Empowering rural women in Africa is a key step towards achieving sustainable development in the region. It is essential to promote gender equality, reduce poverty, and build resilient and sustainable communities.

Baobab Seed

Trade Not Aid

"Trade not aid" promotes the idea that trade can provide a more sustainable way for developing countries to grow and become self-sufficient, rather than relying on outside assistance.

Ovambo Grandma

Ethical Trade

Fair Trade ensures that producers receive fair prices for their goods and are provided with better working conditions and social protections. It also emphasizes environmental sustainability, ethical business practices, and community development.

Baobab Tree

Nature Conservation

By creating economic incentives for conservation, we can ensure that nature is protected for generations to come while also benefiting local communities and economies.

Hut with Marula Nuts


Unfortunately, a lot of traditional knowledge is at risk of being lost as younger generations move away from rural areas and adopt more modern lifestyles. Using these botanical ingredients keeps some of the knowledge alive.

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