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Owning your crown

Straight and style-able, that mentality pasted right in my brain like an addiction to fit in, stand out and perfect it. Funny isn’t it? Growing up not knowing the beauty of your natural texture and when you do, it’s like opening up to a whole new world.

Someone might ask “How do you feel wearing your natural hair now?”, Honestly it could be quiet confusing at first but the amazing part of it is that it challenges you physically and also mentally where you look at yourself and know you are beautiful and embrace the features that it brings out of you. They say it takes a frightening moment to sometimes realise how important something is to you. There comes a time where society tells me my hair is too rough, tough and cannot be styled, having another hair texture than my own would be better.

Although I came from that direction of having a different hair texture than my own, when I had my natural hair in sigh I could not let go. It comes to a point of building a bridge to cross over of not letting society model your identity.I love the imperfection of it, the beauty of styling it, the excitement of exploring it and the gate through of needing to take care of my skin, body and importantly mind. It is a reflection of who I am and where I have come from. A bold statement on my head that tells me that my hair is not a problem, it is a treasure to be secured.

So, It all starts with accepting your hair, whether its kinky, straight, curly or wavy. Owning your crown means not caring what society has to say about your hair, your crown should be fixed and won proudly then you are a queen and they cannot de-thrown you from your crown, that is how important it is to wear your hair. Fascinating enough, that is how I feel and it is amazing.

#naturalhair #sheabutter #hairfood #hairoil #hairgrowth

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