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The best of both worlds does exist in this beauty oil with Marula oil providing moisture, skin softening and regeneration on one side and on the other you have a mix of mandarin, lavender & Ylang Ylang essential oil.


Mandarin Oil is one of the best oils available for skin health. Ylang ylang oil is known for its sebum balancing properties and Lavender oil with its natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties will make this facial oil perfect for your daily skin routine.

Facial Oil All-Round

Consisting of a great amount of Kalahari Melon Seed Oil this facial oil is a great choice for oily skin. The oil is super rich in linolenic acid which will help to unclog pores and remove excess sebum from the surface of your skin. Furthermore, it reduces inflammation caused by conditions like acne, as the combination of skin-friendly vitamins have a soothing effect. The combination of lavender, peppermint and tea tree consists of antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds which will help against skin impurification.

Facial Oil Detox

The bentonite and kaolin clay work together to help remove toxins from your pores and help reduce oily skin. But the magic lies in the hibiscus powder! Hibiscus powder is packed full of antioxidants which encourages fresher, younger and smoother looking skin. It will gently exfoliate your skin plus it helps to balance out skin by hydrating and controlling oil production at the same time.

This powerful mask can fix a slew of skin problems leaving it super soft, glowing, and basically just perfect!

Facial Mask All-Round

Working their magic, the bentonite clay, kaolin clay and activated charcoal powder are responsible for pulling the dirt out of your pores making them less visible and getting rid of possible bacteria.

You can use it as a spot treatment if you don’t want to use it on your whole face–just think of it as a mini mask for your blemish.

Facial Mask Detox

This facial soap is especially effective for dry skin. With its contents of bulbinella and aloe vera, it cleanses your skin to help to improve your skin tone. And if that is not enough, it also rejuvenates skin aging and softens your skin without clogging pores.

Facial Soap Sensitive

Our lip balm contains a blend of Marula Oil and Cocoa Butter that is hydrating and assists in getting rid of old skin. Say goodbye to cracked lips!

Lip Balm All-Round

This balm ensures that your lips are protected from the sun with its mixture of coconut oil and mongongo oil. These contain antioxidants that help to protect the skin from harmful radiation from the sun and also assist in regenerating and restructuring properties of the skin.

Lip Balm Anti-Aging

Say goodbye to dry flaky skin with this beauty oil because it is enriched with baobab oil which nourishes and heals damaged skin and is automatically a natural cleanser. Let’s not forget the jojoba seed oil which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and also soothes irritated skin. Rose Geranium oil will aid in healing irritated skin, reducing inflammation and decreasing dryness. Helichrysum Essential Oil has a variety of full-body benefits that stem from its natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Facial Oil Hydro Balance

Our anti-aging facial oil is made of some of the most powerful oils you will find. Pomegranate and Mongongo oil’s bioflavonoids and fatty acids make it excellent at protecting the skin from sun damage since they both have a natural SPF. Frankincense oil is a powerful astringent that can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sun or age spots. In fact, it is one of the best oils for skin tightening. In addition, Rose essential oil is known to stimulate new cell growth, regenerate tissues and consequently it lessens fine lines and wrinkles as well.

Facial Oil Anti-Aging

Together, the bentonite and kaolin clay will help to heal the skin, reduce inflammation and soak up any access oils to lighten acne marks on the face. The addition of baobab powder will allow the skin to absorb all of its antioxidant benefits directly. It will leave your face fresh and calmed.

Mix your powder according to your skin with different ingredients. For very dry skin mix the powder with coconut oil, or a few drops of baobab oil. For flaky and chapped skin mix the powder with yoghurt and honey.

Facial Mask Hydro Balance

We combined moringa powder with white kaolin clay and bentonite clay to make this gentle, hydrating clay mask that packs a punch in fighting fine lines and wrinkles!

The rich vitamin content of kaolin clay can help to brighten the skin and rejuvenate skin cells, while its silica content helps to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. Moringa is full of botanical ingredients that have both growth-promoting and anti-aging capabilities. They slow down the aging process within cells and improves the cells' ability to respond to oxidative stress.

Add water and some honey or a few drops of oil for a rejuvenating face mask.

Facial Mask Anti-Aging

Consisting of charcoal, lavender and tea tree, this facial soap is an excellent treatment for oily skin ensuring that your pores are cleansed and that the healing process of wrinkles, cuts or sunburn are improved.

Facial Soap Detox

Aloe Vera is known for soothing and moisturising. Together with shea butter and Baobab Oil, you have yourself a nourishing and softening combination that will help you bid farewell to chapped lips for good.

Lip Balm Hydro Balance